Saturday, May 12, 2007

Entrelac socks are done!

I finished my socks about a week ago, but it's taken a while to get around to blocking the socks, getting a photo, etc. But at last, here they are!

I really enjoyed the challenges of making these socks, which is the main reason I wanted to make them. I'm not sure whether I'll make them again, but Bex has made them in Cascade Fixation, which is cotton yarn with a touch of elastic, and she's been very happy with her results. I'd like to give a try to a crew-length pair in the cotton, and refining a lot of the techniques to see if they come out a little more to my liking. The short row heel was definitely not popular with a lot of the other sock knitters on the Entrelac Sock knitalong, so maybe I'd give Patricia Gibson Robert's version a try again.

I'll post more soon about the upcoming challenge project my local knitting circle has decided to work on, and maybe I can talk them into doing our own knitalong at the same time - stay tuned.

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VickeryKnits said...

Oh my gosh those are beautiful! You have to wear them everywhere!
No tassles? ;)