Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Knitting around

I've gotten one more sweater done for my sister in law's fundraiser for her friend with cancer. It is an addictive pattern so it's been almost automatic to just keep knitting around and around and around.... I finally found the pattern again on elann's website; look for it here. Shelley Mackie, the designer, has done several of these pinwheel sweaters and they all look great. This is the first one I've done with several colours; it's all Cascade 220 except for the purple in the center, which is Plymouth Galway, and as usual it's all yarn that's left over from other projects. I don't usually like hot, bright colours but this combination looked cheerful to me and is different from the other two I made before. I also added a backwards single crochet edge around the sleeves and body in the purple to keep the colours flowing a little better; I'm glad I did as this really perked the whole thing up. I pretty much used up every bit of all 4 yarns; of course, if I'd kept track of the yardage of each it might be helpful for future reference but I can't locate all my little scraps of paper telling me how much I had left. Maybe this will serve as a good hint that I should write the colour and name of the yarn on my paper scraps as well as the yards left. Live and learn.

I gave the other 2 sweaters to my brother, and he was quite mystified by the unusual shape, but Helen (my sister in law) e-mailed me that she loved them and wants another one for my niece. Needless to say, I'm delighted to have a chance to make more stuff for Madi! I'd like to try one for myself as well; it's somewhat like a shawl with sleeves and I'm curious to give it a try.

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Nancy G. said...

Hi Misty,
I read your comment on the Yarn Harlot's blog. I was at Petaluma and I did not have a seating pass, until a kind woman gave it to me as I stood outside the door. I will believe it was from you, and I just want to say "thank you" for sharing it when you couldn't go. I drove up from Berkeley straight from work and had no dinner at all until I got home at 11 PM that night. At least I didn't have to stand. I really did appreciate the seating pass very much. The kindness of fellow knitters is wonderful. I hope your mother is doing well.