Monday, February 11, 2008

Is it a bad sign when....?

I was away from home visiting my mom all weekend, and am feeling a bit of a cold is coming on, so I haven't taken any pictures of my knitting for a few days and I don't really feel like doing it right now either. But I've had a few random thoughts in my head and now seems like a good time to put 'em out there, picture-less.

Is it a bad sign that perhaps I am overly obsessed with knitting when:
  • I get really excited, thinking I have spotted other knitters, when I see people on the ferry or walking around town that seem to be untangling large amounts of white yarn? Only to be bitterly disappointed when I realize that it isn't yarn they're untangling; it's their iPod cord?
  • I create a valentine for my sweetheart TW in which I intent to write "I love you" over and over, only to discover that I have in fact written "I love yarn" over and over?
  • I seriously start to think that it would be a good idea to expand my yarn storage area into the trunk of my car?
  • I don't count my hand-spun yarn when I inventory my stash, because, somehow, it's "different"?
  • Or that I think it's perfectly normal to reveal my failings in public via the internet, having faith that everyone reading this might actually not consider any of this to be weird?
And if any of you out there have other symptoms of over-obsessiveness with knitting, I'd sure love to hear about your "bad signs"!

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hovercrafteel said...

None of this is weird. I get excited, too, when I see someone on the bus waving what looks like tangled yarn, and feel the same disappointment when I then notice the "yarn" is headphones. I do not count my handspun as stash, even though it sits in its own zippered bag on top of the store-bought stash. And I have stored my sleeping bag in the trunk of the car to make more room in the closet for my yarn. :) -- Kirsten