Sunday, December 7, 2008


Instead of concentrating on knitting over the past week I focused on a sewing project - a holiday dress for my niece, Madison. I had some fabric remaining after finishing a project for myself - a beautiful magenta crinkled metallic/cotton, and a magnificent piece of re-embroidered lace I had acquired at a fabric shop where I had formerly worked. Madison is a very girly girl so I think the deep pink tones will be a very pretty colour on her for the holidays. I managed to squeeze the bodice out of the lace, and it looked beautiful over the magenta crinkled metallic. (Sorry; I cannot manage to get that photo to turn right side up so just imagine that its facing the correct way!)

My first intention was to make a ruched ruffle around the lower edge of the skirt, but determined it would be too heavy for the dress. Instead, I made a rose out of one of the bias strips I had cut, added some buds dangling at the end of a bit of covered cord, and had myself one fine little party dress for a 3 year old.

I used a pattern I had already tried out - Burda 3025. I made the dress more or less right by the pattern, with a few exceptions. I left the lower edge of the sleeves ungathered to make a more ruffle-like sleeve, and added a self-fabric piping around the neckline and the waist. As the lace could possibly be scratchy as well as bulky, I replaced the back buttoned facings with a full lining in the bodice. I also used thread loops for the buttons instead of attempting buttonholes through the lace.

I was busting to get the dress done not only to mail off to my sister in law, but even more importantly, to share at the annual Sew group Holiday Party. Since I don't get to too many of the Sew group meetings any more (I live too far away to get to most of them) I never miss the Holiday Party.

And so, with dress in hand, I made it to Menlo Park for my Sew Group Party, and a good time was had by all. It was terrific to be with my friends - I have known many of them for over 20 years now, and they're the best group of friends anyone could wish for. As my contribution to the gift exchange game I included a scarf I had knit with fringe along the sides (I was told by one person that this blog was checked for clues as to what I was bringing, but still managed to surprise a few people. Now now I know to be discrete in my pre-holiday blogging!)

And now I get to look forward to my Knitting Group party on Tuesday (I know, the social whirl is just unending) and my more recent but no less wonderful group of friends. And if any of you are looking at this post for clues for that gift exchange you're not going to find them!


hovercrafteel said...

I would say this fits the bill for a girly girl garment. Madison is sure to love it. -- Kirsten

VickeryKnits said...

Oh- she's going to love it! How sweet!