Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Entrelac socks, continued

After completing one entrelac sock through the heel shaping, I determined that, if I didn't begin the 2nd sock very soon I would be in grave danger of having a solitary sock. Singleton socks are not very useful if you're a biped so I broke off my yarn and began sock #2. I am very glad I did this. I made a number of small tweaks to the pattern to size the socks to my feet, and while Eunny's version of the short row heel is simpler than the versions I have tried before, I must say that I do not like working it at all. I can't really say why I dislike it so much; the fit is fine but I find it very easy to get really off track and I don't enjoy knitting away thinking everything is fine, only to discover that I have 8 stitches remaining on one side and only 2 on the other. This means I really messed up somewhere and that doesn't please me.

At any rate, I did finish sock # 2 through the heel, and also have another sock done nearly to the point of the calf shaping. I am having a little trouble with posting pictures tonight, so if the photos don't show up forgive me and I will try again tomorrow.


Laura said...

Lol, I wonder if there's anyone who DOES like the heel.

I like those colours; good job.

Btw, the link in the KAL has a typo, it says "blogsot" instead of "blogspot".

hovercrafteel said...

The Loopy Ewe offers some ideas on what to do with single socks: :) -- Kirsten