Sunday, April 22, 2007

New things brewing

Yes, I know I said recently that I was on a yarn diet, but when Elann offered its Sonata cotton yarn at $1.99 a ball, how could I resist? After all, the yarn diet is because my budget is, well, tighter than really tightly knit socks, not because my stash is overflowing. So I used the rationale that by buying the yarn at 1/2 price I was placating my bank account while still acquiring some really great yarn. I also ordered the colour card for the entire Sonata line and the colours are truly beautiful. I also can't say enough about Elann's quick service - I ordered the yarn the evening of April 12, it was shipped April 13 (a Friday) and it arrived on Monday, April 16. It's my first time ordering from them and I will definitely do it again. Maybe after that budget thing resolves itself??

Since I'm fussy about colours I usually don't like things on the Internet unless I've seen the yarn elsewhere before and have a good idea of what I'm getting, but I felt pretty safe with something called "Soft Periwinkle". I share my fellow blogger's affection for periwinkle and find I can usually count on something called that name to be a colour I'm going to like a lot.

So what am I planning on making? I'm not sure yet but have a few ideas. I only got the yarn a few days ago, so it hasn't had time to age properly but perhaps this is one of those times when it's best to use it in a fresh state. I've got an old blue seed stitch cardigan with a lace border around the neck edge that I have loved and worn forever but it's beginning to show its age, so I'm thinking of replacing it with a new cardigan, but different details. Hhhhhhhhmmmmm, ideas are brewing...........

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