Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Three Stages

I missed my usual Sunday post due to a sudden and unpleasant attack of the flu. While I'm still not up to taking pictures of my projects (the blue lace and cable cardigan has progressed nicely up until the onset of the flu) or writing about them extensively, I've had a chance to reflect on how being sick affects my knitting, and have identified three stages of illness:

Stage One: I can knit on basic projects or ones that have progressed to the point where not much thought is required;

Stage Two: I want to knit, but don't have the energy or thought capability to handle even rote tasks;

Stage Three: I don't even want to knit.

I shudder to contemplate any possibility of there being more stages after stage three. After all, once ceases to want to knit, what is left out there?

So, at any rate, I am ascending slowly upwards from Stage Three and am now back at Stage One. An update on the Lace and Cables Cardigan to come on Sunday. Keep well.

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