Monday, June 2, 2008

Maybe next week

Friends - sorry for missing my Sunday post; I feel strongly about keeping to a regular blog-posting schedule and dislike being unpredictable. But life has a way of being unpredictable as well, and this past week has lived up to that reputation. My mom took a nasty tumble late last week and ended up in the hospital for a brief but scary stay, and while I am happy to say she is home again and doing well I chose to devote this past weekend to her needs instead of to my own affairs. So, I missed my personal goal of posting on Sundays but I am pretty sure anyone reading this will not fault me for my decision.

I'll do a bigger catch-up next week, but for now I can say that I finally completed plying the brown Perendale wool that my Dad bought me from New Zealand last week, and today finished the Loksins socks whilst on my ferry commute. The only picture for today is of the plied Perendale still on the bobbins, but rest assured that all 800+ yards of it have been washed, dried, and are ready to wind into balls ready for knitting.

Until next week..........

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hovercrafteel said...

I wish your mom quick healing! The Perendale is looking really good. -- Kirsten