Sunday, June 8, 2008

What passes for normal around here

As usual, lots is going around chez Kneedler. My mom is doing better; still pretty bruised up but the bruises are healing, albeit slowly. Mercifully she didn't break anything or (apparently) incur any serious injuries.

Last week TW was working like crazy on a big screen printing job at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, which is at long last having its grand opening today (read about it here). He's been printing wall text and signage directly onto the walls at the building, and as can be seen from these photos, it was a big job with a tight time schedule and a lot of challenges, as is usual with onsite printing. This is the 2nd time he's done such a job at a museum as it was getting ready for its opening to the public, and he does enjoy the energy and excitement of the behind the scenes activity.

On the knitting front, I'm happy to say that the Hex Coat is making significant progress. The hexagons around the neck are all done, at long last (in the photo I still had two to go but they're all done today). The hexagons are wrinkled little ugly messes once they're done but after a vigorous steaming and patting into shape start to behave themselves quite nicely. So now the knitting is officially finished; I just have the seaming and the finishing left to do. However, I am seriously thinking of doing some sort of small, discreet border around all of the edges; it feels just a little flimsy and raw along the neck and front edges, in particular. I will wait until all of the other finishing is complete before deciding, though. Perhaps just a row of reverse single crochet all around will do the trick. But I am definitely ready to be done with this project. I've enjoyed it, and I like how it's turning out very much, but it's time to move on, in my opinion.

And I finished the Loksins socks! They're really beautiful; a terrific pattern for someone who'd like to try a little lace but doesn't want to tackle a major project like a shawl. I'm looking forward to trying them again soon in a smoother yarn that will enable the lace patterning to show up better; the fuzziness of the this yarn (Knit Picks Palette) as well as the heathered colour obscures the detail a bit. A smooth, plain wool/silk blend with a little shine, perhaps?

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hovercrafteel said...

Go, Hex Coat, go! It's looking really great. -- Kirsten